The first week of February is Children' s Authors and Illustrators Week, a celebration started by Childrens Authors Network (CAN) to promote a love of reading, writing, and storytelling in "schools, libraries and children's shelters all over the country."



During the visits the authors and illustrators give presentations or lead workshops on their craft to inspire students to create art on their own. How cool is that?


Another great way to celebrate the week is by visiting your local library or bookstore and loading up on hilarious, beautifully drawn, insightful, inspiring children's books for your favorite little ones.  Read them together (or by yourself, it's fine. If people can run around reading 50 Shades in public like it'd NBD, sin verguenza, then certainly it's acceptable to read Frog and Toad alone in a coffee shop! ) and have a mini book club after! You can discuss what you think happens after the story ends and unlike normal book club you'll be sure that everyone has read the book ;)


"The gender politics of The Giving Tree are sketch, you guys"

This week is also a good time to marvel at the amazing skills of children's books artists. Their work is imaginative, silly, fun, endlessly re-readable.The George and Martha series by James Marshall is clever and fun while modeling a true, caring friendship between two inseparable hippos.



This is Not My  Hat and I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen are amazing books that I read as an adult, still laughing out loud and enjoying every page. Best surprise ending since The Sixth Sense, IMHO.


So suspenseful!

Final shoutout to Little Golden Books , which have some of the best, most colorful pictures and stories that have entertained generations of readers.


I love this book soooo much <3


plus they look so pretty stacked up on your shelf


Margaret Wise Brown and Richard Scarry are the best! Also Polite Elephant is sooo polite to wash up for dinner at that tiny little sink!

Have a great Children's Authors and Illustrators Week and tell us about your favorites!

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