So February 3 - 9 is children's authors and illustrators week. A time to celebrate inspiring kid's books that are more than just an entertaining story book. So as an aspiring illustrator/artist/designer/something-or-other I'm going to nerd out with some of  my favorite children's authors and illustrators on ya.

FIRST UP! Katie Kirk, author and illustrator of Eli, No! This is an adorable book of a trouble-making dog you can't help but love. This book really  stands out for it's bold graphic style and color. Kirk is actually a talented graphic designer who decided, "Why not apply that skill to a kid's book?"  Well she did. And it's great. Simple, clean and cute.

1345653753-kirkeli-              1283376533Eli_3

NEXT!  Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, author and illustrator respectively. These two have quite an impressive line of works done together including the famous Sandman graphic novels, the book Coraline, and even the movie MirrorMask. But let's focus here. They have also done a few young children's books, The Day I Swapped My Dad for 2 Goldfish and Wolves in the Walls. Both are fantastic. The stories are so original and entertaining, but the art is what really does it for me. McKean uses really expressive line work with a crazy mix of paint, collage, and actual photos to supply the color and backgrounds. A beautiful mess, pretty wabi-sabi stuff. It's fun and interesting enough for both kids and adults to enjoy.

4195470081_928fe501c5_z              wolves-in-the-walls-covers

LASTLY! This one is by far my fav. Jon Klassen. Writer and illustrator of  I Want My Hat Back and This is Not My Hat. I can't tell you how much I love these books. I want to get a tattoo of that fish. These books are gorgeous. They are minimal and have just the right amount of imagery on each page. They combine simple shapes colored by painterly (ihatethatword) patterns. They are delightfully drab in color with matte covers and illustrations, which matches the somewhat dry humor perfectly. When we got these books in I read them both and lolled to myself real hard. If you don't lol when reading these we can't be friends. I want to have children to read these books to. Not really. Get serious. BUT so good. I will own these for my own enjoyment.

this_is_not_my_hat.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox              281851582_1146009808001_110906Hatback-5161627

So now here is the best part. WE HAVE THESE BOOKS! And so many more amazing children's books that I didn't write about. For realz. So if you want your kids to be smart and creative younguns check out what we have to offer.


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