31 Mar

Christopher Walken

Most of us here on planet Earth are simple humans. Easily, killed, and more easily forgotten. But, there is one amongst us who walks this planet and laughs in the face of his own mortality, daring anything and everything to try and kill him. On a lighter side however, this individual has won over the hearts of people everywhere with his charming and sometimes explosive talent. This person is Christopher Walken, and today we’re celebrating his birthday!


If you concentrate real hard you can feel him in your brain. 

Walken is fascinating mostly for his ability to appear as the hunky man of your dreams…


Or the terrifying man of your nightmares…


His teeth are sharpened for your pleasure.

   He’s a man of many faces. Some of those faces suffer from a fever…


We all know the cure.

 Some of those faces helped the Penguin get elected Mayor of Gotham, then tried to stab said Mayor in the back, then had his son kidnapped by said Mayor, then had both himself and his son saved by Batman.


Yeah, you forgot he was in Batman, I know.

 Aside from being in some of the greatest movies of our time, (The Deer Hunter, Pulp Fiction, Catch Me if You Can, True Romance, Annie Hall, Mouse Hunt, and Joe Dirt.) He has also worn this wig…

Balls of Fury movie image Christopher Walken

And THAT makes him my hero.

 So here’s to you Christopher Walken! For making us laugh, for making us cry, for really weirding us out, Happy Birthday!


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