2 May

Cinco de Cuatro

The 5th of May, bet­ter known as Cinco de Mayo is a hol­i­day we are all familiar with. But we must rally to put Cinco de Mayo behind us once and for all. We must crush this awful Hol­i­day as we know it, and embrace a new, bet­ter, stronger, earlier Hol­i­day, the cel­e­bra­tion of Cinco de Cuatro!


Cinco de Cua­tro is a New­port Beach Hol­i­day started in 1982 by Lucille and George Bluth. It was the perfect way to destroy all Cinco de Mayo food and dec­o­ra­tions so that Lucille’s His­panic staff wouldn’t take May 5th off. It was all part of the Bluth’s “war on May the 5th”.


The fes­ti­val grew over the years and was even­tu­ally embraced by the His­panic com­mu­nity. The annual event con­cludes with a boat parade called “The Fes­ti­val of Lights,” a phrase the Bluths wanted to reclaim. So this year, find some Cinco de Mayo decorations and smash them to tiny bits on the REAL Holiday of Cinco de Cuatro!



Happy Cinco de Cuatro to all and to all a Good night!

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