You must have a cup of Tea!

It’s Hot Tea Mon­th, here in Jan­u­ary 2015! New Year, New You, New Cup of Tea!
In hon­or of Tea every­where, I’ve com­piled this list of AMAZING facts (that you may already know) about Tea! It’s so excit­ing!

Many Teas aren’t real­ly Tea at all!

The mag­i­cal tea plant and its very pret­ty flow­er.

An actu­al tea drink is one that con­tains the leaves of the plant Camel­lia Sinen­sis. All those oth­er teas are often just herbal infu­sions. Still very yum­my, and hot to drink, but not actu­al­ly tea! I mean, real­ly, I don’t care if you don’t, but it’s a fun fact, right?
Camel­lia Sinen­sis plants are native to North, East and South­east Asia. So even though we all know that the Eng­lish are the best tea drinkers in the world, (which I will actu­al­ly negate in 2 para­graphs or so,) they were nowhere near the first to drink it.

Tea actu­al­ly does have a hap­py drug in it!

It’s called L-Thea­nine! While both tea and cof­fee drinks will give you a ener­gy boost, tea actu­al­ly gives you a boost with a side of calm. Instead of cof­fee jit­ters, you are more like­ly to be awake and atten­tive, but also relaxed. This is why tea is often com­bined with med­i­ta­tion. All those monks were like, man, I’m gonna fall asleep dur­ing med­i­ta­tion this after­noon. So they drank some tea.
Here’s a link to some stud­ies about it! Next time you’re stressed at work, try tea instead of cof­fee. You might just be able to think more clear­ly and let go of some of the stress and pan­ic.

Your handy guide to tea mak­ing!

Tem­per­a­ture Mat­ters!

Okay, putting aside that there are teas that aren’t actu­al­ly tea, did you know (I’m sure some of you did) that dif­fer­ent types of teas/herbals require dif­fer­ent water tem­per­a­tures and brew­ing times for opti­mal fla­vor? I know I used to just boil some water and throw in a tea bag, per­son­al­ly. But that is prob­a­bly why I assumed that all black teas tast­ed slight­ly bit­ter. The prob­lem was with my tech­nique, not the tea.

If you don’t real­ly have time to triple check your water tem­per­a­tures, there are some peo­ple on the inter­net that think that they have the skill down. Or you could just buy one of the­se real­ly nice elec­tric ket­tles. Or, even bet­ter, you could buy one for me as a Thank You for open­ing your eyes to the won­der of tea!!

The Best Tea Drinkers in the World Are.….

It’s actu­al­ly not the British, although they are in the top three. It’s also not the Chi­ne­se or Japan­ese. Top coun­tries with most tea drunk per cap­i­ta are Turkey and Ire­land! Then comes Britain, of course. Check it out here!

Now, I can’t say much about tea drink­ing in Turkey.… But I can tell you that dorm rooms in Ire­land come with an elec­tric ket­tle. And when you vis­it any home, you aren’t offered a cold drink, you’re offered tea. In fact it’s a well known rule (at least, it was when I was there) that every good Irish host will ask you at least three times if you want a cup­pa, even when you firm­ly say no. And after the third time, they usu­al­ly bring it to you any­way.

Tea can Bloom in your cup!
Okay, so that’s stretch­ing it for a sub­ti­tle. But the point is you can buy a thing called bloom­ing tea, which are balls of tea that bloom into beau­ti­ful arrange­ments right in your glass/teapot! Look at the­se beau­ti­ful blooms!








And here’s a pic­ture of what it looks like when you buy sub-par blooms and don’t have a fan­cy cam­era!

Any­way, Hap­py Tea Mon­th, guys!
If you don’t have any tea to cel­e­brate with, just stop on by! We have a pret­ty decent selec­tion, and I’d be glad to give out rec­om­men­da­tions!

So, what do you think?