Seri­ous­ly peo­ple. Not only is it fun to bust out the col­ored pen­cils or crayons, but it is proven to be RELAXING to col­or. And in the spir­it of this new break­through, we have a ton of great col­or­ing books to choose from here at Kards Unlim­it­ed. We have every­thing from Man­ga, to cats, drunk col­or­ing (booze not pro­vid­ed), and quite a few things in between. Here’s a look at a selec­tion of our MOST AWESOME col­or­ing books. Come on dahn to see the rest of em and get em while they’re hot!

Zenscapes, Arabesque, Wild Animal, and Peacock Covers 2


Manga, Creative Cats, Tattoo Coloring Book, and Tiffany Designs Covers


Fairies, Goddesses, King Arthur and Edward Gorey Covers

So, what do you think?