Steve Martin is a great example of the American Dream. Seriously, look at this magnificent bastard


What a hotty.

We're going Crack'd style here. Here are 4 awesome things about Steve Martin.

4.He's an Author

During one of his many different life ventures, Martin has written several books and plays, to much acclaim. His first venture as a playwright was called "Picasso at the Lapin Agile." His novels have included "Shop Girl", "An Object of Beauty", and his poignant memoir "Born Standing Up."  Why is this awesome? Well keep reading, by the time you realize everything Steve Martin has done in his life, your brain will hurt.



3.He's Also an Accomplished Movie Actor

There is not much to say that you don't already know about Steve Martin the actor. He has been in every realm of film, from his breakout performance in "The Jerk" to the romantic comedy stylings of "Father of the Bride." We cannot deny that Martin's best movies are his comedies, most especially "Three Amigos" and "Planes, Trains and Automobiles."



Steve needs a car...right know what happened

2. He's a Fantastic Comedian

Steve Martin gained fame starting out as a world class comedian. He started by working with several different comedy groups, writing for various TV shows and performing at nightclubs to hone his skills. This led him to SNL, and ushered in the golden years of late night comedy. This launch in fame helped when he started touring the comedy circuit and released his first album, "Let's Get Small." The album went on to be a platinum smash hit, and Martin became a household name. Never before has a comedian took the world by storm, but Martin was one of the first in his field to perform in sold out theatres, a phenomenon at the time. He would release several other albums, all of which were huge of critical acclaim and success. His style was never seen before, being very random and sporadic but poignant and full of satirical wit.  He would also incorporate a banjo into his stand up with his other shtick, often performing songs he wrote for his audiences. Martin abruptly left the stand up world for good, wishing to pursue his real dream of being an actor.


Seriously, look at that face.

1.He's a Kick-Ass Musician

Oddly enough, Martin's wild success as a comedian and then an actor couldn't sate his desire to be awesome at more stuff. His next big venture was into the world of music as a banjo player. For those who have never heard Martin play banjo, youtube that shit right now. He is an incredible musician, writing a lot of his material and performing with other famous bluegrass musicians such as Earl Scruggs. He has released several albums containing both traditional and original banjo music with his band The Steep Canyon Rangers, the first of which won a Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album.

Bonus fact!  Stece Martin's birthday is August 14th!  So...


Happy Birthday you boss.





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