IMG_20150626_094437It's summer time. And I sure as heck don't really want to be slaving over a hot kitchen right now, at least unless it results in something that will cool me down and chill me out. So I decided that this month I would choose a recipe from the Big Gay Ice Cream book. Yes, that is the title of an actual book. I'm not just calling a book big and gay. Although it totally is.

Big Gay Ice Cream is the recollections, explanations, fun tidbits and generally goodies, compiled by Bryan Petroff and Douglas Quint about their Big Gay Ice Cream business and how it started. It's a pretty fun read, or even just a fun skim. It's set up as if it was a high school yearbook, so it's got lots of fun handwritten notes in it, some pretty rad pictures and, of course, recipes.


And some simple syrup and some stove time and you're all done!

I magically opened to a recipe so intriguing that I got stuck on the page: Peppercoke Sorbet. The entire ingredient list is this: Coke (preferably Mexican) and black and pink peppercorns. (And sugar. But, duh.)

The thought of making an ice cream type thing out of peppercorns was so weird to me that I needed to give it a shot.  Also, I love Mexican Coke. It's so much better than regular coke. (*Twirls hipster mustache*)

This recipe was wicked easy. The hardest parts were finding an ice cream machine that I could borrow and stressing out about where in the world they sold pink peppercorns. Luckily I have some pretty amazing (and culinary inclined) friends who just had an ice cream machine lying around. (Shout out to Tiffy and family! Hi Tiffy and family! Thanks bunches!) And also, Market District apparently sells everything.

Like seriously, side rail here, but I was just about to resign myself to buying a large container of 'rainbow' peppercorns (includes pink, green and black) and picking out the pink ones. And then I turned around and there was this GIANT glass canister full of just pink peppercorns that you can buy by the ounce. Day made, my friend. Day made.

The resulting sorbet? Well, it was a bit wet. I didn't quite freeze it enough before I tried to use the ice cream maker. But I blame that mostly on me trying to make sorbet in the middle of running around to a few different appointments. And also not actually knowing how to simmer things. Now I know. YouTube told me. (See guys? Anyone can cook if I can cook.)


Peppercoke Sorbet with rainbow fish sprinkles, cuz why not.

Anyway, it was SUPER yummy. Like really. You know how sometimes ice creams can leave a creamy taste in your mouth and you need to chase your ice cream with like a soda or something? Well NO NEED with Peppercoke sorbet! It is super refreshing in the mouth. And, don't worry, it doesn't taste like you overdosed on pepper. It just has a bit of a bite to it. so like a sweet coke sorbet with a refreshing bite. YUM!

You guys should come get this book so you can try these ice creams. Or I guess you could take a road trip to New York and actually get these super rad ice creams from the professionals at Big Gay Ice Cream.

Oh! Oh! Post Note! There's a recipe for a sundae in the book called American Gobs. Like American Gods. the book. by Neil Gaiman. Whhhaaaaaat. That's next on my personal check list. Read American Gods while waiting for the TV show American Gods while eating an American Gobs Sundae. Hecks Yes.


So, what do you think?