IMG_20150626_094437It’s sum­mer time. And I sure as heck don’t real­ly want to be slav­ing over a hot kitchen right now, at least unless it results in some­thing that will cool me down and chill me out. So I decid­ed that this mon­th I would choose a recipe from the Big Gay Ice Cream book. Yes, that is the title of an actu­al book. I’m not just call­ing a book big and gay. Although it total­ly is.

Big Gay Ice Cream is the rec­ol­lec­tions, expla­na­tions, fun tid­bits and gen­er­al­ly good­ies, com­piled by Bryan Petroff and Dou­glas Quint about their Big Gay Ice Cream busi­ness and how it start­ed. It’s a pret­ty fun read, or even just a fun skim. It’s set up as if it was a high school year­book, so it’s got lots of fun hand­writ­ten notes in it, some pret­ty rad pic­tures and, of course, recipes.


And some sim­ple syrup and some stove time and you’re all done!

I mag­i­cal­ly opened to a recipe so intrigu­ing that I got stuck on the page: Pep­per­coke Sor­bet. The entire ingre­di­ent list is this: Coke (prefer­ably Mex­i­can) and black and pink pep­per­corns. (And sug­ar. But, duh.)

The thought of mak­ing an ice cream type thing out of pep­per­corns was so weird to me that I need­ed to give it a shot.  Also, I love Mex­i­can Coke. It’s so much bet­ter than reg­u­lar coke. (*Twirls hip­ster mus­tache*)

This recipe was wicked easy. The hard­est parts were find­ing an ice cream machine that I could bor­row and stress­ing out about where in the world they sold pink pep­per­corns. Luck­i­ly I have some pret­ty amaz­ing (and culi­nary inclined) friends who just had an ice cream machine lying around. (Shout out to Tiffy and fam­i­ly! Hi Tiffy and fam­i­ly! Thanks bunch­es!) And also, Mar­ket Dis­trict appar­ent­ly sells every­thing.

Like seri­ous­ly, side rail here, but I was just about to resign myself to buy­ing a large con­tain­er of ‘rain­bow’ pep­per­corns (includes pink, green and black) and pick­ing out the pink ones. And then I turned around and there was this GIANT glass can­is­ter full of just pink pep­per­corns that you can buy by the ounce. Day made, my friend. Day made.

The result­ing sor­bet? Well, it was a bit wet. I didn’t quite freeze it enough before I tried to use the ice cream mak­er. But I blame that most­ly on me try­ing to make sor­bet in the mid­dle of run­ning around to a few dif­fer­ent appoint­ments. And also not actu­al­ly know­ing how to sim­mer things. Now I know. YouTube told me. (See guys? Any­one can cook if I can cook.)


Pep­per­coke Sor­bet with rain­bow fish sprin­kles, cuz why not.

Any­way, it was SUPER yum­my. Like real­ly. You know how some­times ice creams can leave a creamy taste in your mouth and you need to chase your ice cream with like a soda or some­thing? Well NO NEED with Pep­per­coke sor­bet! It is super refresh­ing in the mouth. And, don’t wor­ry, it doesn’t taste like you over­dosed on pep­per. It just has a bit of a bite to it. so like a sweet coke sor­bet with a refresh­ing bite. YUM!

You guys should come get this book so you can try the­se ice creams. Or I guess you could take a road trip to New York and actu­al­ly get the­se super rad ice creams from the pro­fes­sion­als at Big Gay Ice Cream.

Oh! Oh! Post Note! There’s a recipe for a sun­dae in the book called Amer­i­can Gobs. Like Amer­i­can Gods. the book. by Neil Gaiman. Whh­haaaaaat. That’s next on my per­son­al check list. Read Amer­i­can Gods while wait­ing for the TV show Amer­i­can Gods while eat­ing an Amer­i­can Gobs Sun­dae. Hecks Yes.


So, what do you think?