22 Jan

Cool Stuff Tuesday!


Lol, "fun in functional." Classic.

Knock Knock -

KU carries a variety of home and office products from the fine folks at Knock Knock that are *perfect* for sassy people like you and me. My all-time favorite is the Personal Library Kit, which includes check-out cards and a date stamp designed expressly to help you get your books back from no-good, rotten book-stealers. Man, if I've had that when I was younger, my brother wouldn't have been able to pull all that "NO, DUDE. THIS IS *MY* BOOK. MINE, I TELL YOU!" crap back then. Sigh. Other great choices are Knock Knock's line of sassy notes, like Fashion Citation, which helps you explain to your friends why they look like complete crap, and Vouchers for Lovers, with coupons that your bubsie-wubsie can cash in for fun and intimate things like a foot massage, cuddle session, or date night!


For all you cats out there with personal libraries. You need the kit. For real, though.

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