19 Jul

Cormac McCarthy

Strap on your spurs, load your gun, count your money, lock up your daughters, and gather supplies, because today we're celebrating author,  Cormac McCathy's birthday.


Don't look directly into the eyes.

Cormac McCarthy is the Pulitzer Prize winning American novelist and playwright responsible for ten novels in the Southern Gothic, Western, and Post-apocalyptic genre. He is also responsible for many horrified, sleepless nights filled with violent, vivid nightmares, but hey, whatever sells, right?


Javier Bardem's Hair is the real nightmare though.

McCarthy’s novels take a decidedly dark and pessimistic view of American life. There are no whitewashed mythologies of American exceptional-ism and goodness in his books — only a stark look at how so much of our nation’s “progress” is predicated on violence. Fun Fact: McCarthy still does all of his writing on a typewriter, and doesn't believe in exclamation marks, but I do!!


He was much less scary in his youth.

McCarthy's two most recent novels, The Road, and No Country For Old Men, have been a huge success, and both novels were turned into major motion pictures within a few years of their releases, one of which one Best Picture. Fun Fact: in 1998, at the ripe age of 64 McCarthy fathered his second child. He is now 79. (McCarthy, not the child).


There's a reason the Cohens are not within arms length.... fear.

So some amazing person thought it would be funny to do a blog, writing as Cormac McCarthy yelping about stores and restaurants he's visited. They were right. It's pretty incredible.

Yelping With Cormac

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