I am the queen of awk­ward moments.

The oth­er day (Once upon a time) I was work­ing at the store, and some­one decid­ed to make me use a lad­der. All was going well until I decid­ed that I would just.… step back­wards off the lad­der. From NOT the bot­tom step. CUE VERY LOUD FALLING NOISE!

So that’s like a lev­el one cringe. the part that made it a lev­el five cringe is that as I’m there, lay­ing on the floor in the silence that has dropped over the whole store, my gut instinct was NOT to laugh and be like, It’s cool guys. I’m alive.

No. My gut instinct was to let out a gut­tural ROAR.




So just imag­ine, you’re shop­ping at Kards. It’s a love­ly week­end day, and you’re gig­gling to your­self about the instant under­pants we sell (one of the TWO vari­eties we have in stock). And then you hear a large crash of doom. And then, a SCREAM THAT SOUNDS LIKE DEAMONS ARE COMING OUT OF SOMEONE’S THROAT.


Cas thinks I’m a lit­tle crazy. But he’d nev­er tell me. He’s too nice.

Yeah. That’s awk­ward. and pos­si­bly scary. But most­ly awk­ward, because some girl just stopped the whole store in their tracks by Rage Roar­ing.

This is just one VERY SMALL instance of me being an awk­ward per­son. I have many MANY sto­ries. In fact, some­times, in my dark­est moments I sit in a dark cor­ner and think of all the very painful­ly awk­ward things I have done. The good news is that my life is not a Will Fer­rell movie yet. But it might be a lit­tle Zoolan­der.… :/ Yeah. That’s a lit­tle awk­ward.

But you know what? I’m okay with that.
We’re all a lit­tle awk­ward, aren’t we?
Guys. Right?
Oh. It’s just me? Well.…. that’s awk­ward.




So, what do you think?