....no I don't mean curling your hair. If anything, that's hot. (ba-dum-shhhh) get it?


I first fell in love with curling, not through watching the sport itself, but because I was in love with the Canadian actor Paul Gross. I decided to watch all the movies he had ever made (all of which are pretty damn good, even the weird ones!). The movie that made me fall in love with curling, the sport, is called Men With Brooms.

That tag line, guys. Also, yes. Leslie Nielsen. Sometimes he's even a serious person in this movie.

Okay, so this movie is a Rom Com, but it is also a heartfelt story about adults finally growing up and overcoming their fears. It features this curling team that reunites on a day long past their prime, solely because their former coach died and asked in his will that the team play (and win) with the rock (curling stone, for those of you who need translation) that now contains his ashes. Yes, that's what I meant.

Through the movie's exploration of curling, I found myself absolutely falling in love with the sport. And I'm not a sport person. (When I was young, I told my teachers that my favorite sport was reading. Seriously.) They talk about the sport with such reverence that it is almost impossible to not feel your whole world shifting a little. Suddenly that shot of a guy sliding down the ice, gently but forcefully convincing a giant rock to land right on the button is just magical.

And of course, the movie is just chalk full of the strangest humor.... I mean it has Leslie Nielsen in it. He plays a former curling champion who now lives on his farm growing mushrooms. (The special kind, duh.)

So, I seriously recommend celebrating today's holiday, Curling is Cool Day, by finding a copy of this wonderful movie and falling in love with the sport.

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So, what do you think?