The day we've all been waiting for! (or not!) Talk Like a Grizzled Prospector Day is on January 24th! And why shouldn't it be?

the american gold rush prospector

the american gold rush prospector

Celebrating this day is pretty self explanator right? I mean the point of the day is in the name. "Oh but Kards Unlimited guy, how does one talk like a grizzled prospector?" Well allow me to help you with that.


Much of it is in the accent. You should probably sound like a sort of crazy old geezer. One that kind of talks a low and slow with his bottom jaw pushed out some. In your head-brain imagine this character saying "There's gold in them thar hillls." You need to sound like this guy in your imaginespace. ANYTIME YOU LAUGH it should sound like "eheheheheh!" and probably involve slappin' your knee. Another good option of model is Yosemite Sam. Though he's a bit more boisterous of a choice.


Now this brings us to the second portion of talking like a grizzled prospector. The vocabulary. Let us reference some words for your gold-hungry-speech.

"Daggum!" "Dagnabbit!" "Tarnations!" "Varmint!" "Ah Reckon!" "Consarnit!" "Hornswaggled!" "Gold!"

If you can naturally and generously pepper these words into your strange, somewhat western, liquored up accent you'll be well on your way to mastering the craft of talking like a grizzled prospector.

If you still need some help please to reference this informational video ya daggum varmint. Now get ta pannin' that gold.

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