{Daylight saving time begins on Sunday, March 9 at 2 A.M. This is your friendly grammatically correct reminder that it is never daylight savings time, but daylight saving time. You may now kindly proceed to the rest of this blog post.}

Here's how daylight saving time began (according to me).

"In exchange for one just hour of your time (you can get it back in November, whatevs) you get one extra hour of daylight at the end of the day. JUST LIKE THAT. Why, you ask? I'm not sure. John here tells me something about lowering the price of candles and electricity or some shit. Will it mess up your sleep schedule? Oh most definitely. But we don't really um, how can I put this? ...Care. We don't care."

This is the face they made. Ugh.

This is the face they made. Ugh.

And thus daylight saving time was born. And the never friggin ending debate over whether or not daylight saving time is worth it continues to this very day.

On one hand, you have the DST cheerleaders. More sunlight = more time to do outside chores, dine al fresco with family, do outside recreational activities, and overall just increases the likelihood of being able to actually do something after work. And then you have the energy savings from the sun being up later in the day since people are using the natural light rather than electricity.

On the other hand, you have the DST naysayers. Yes, the days are longer and people have more sun-time to get out and play. But saving electricity? Some aren't convinced, and more than one study has shown that any electricity conservation brought on by the longer days is negated by the use of air conditioning in the hotter months*. Plus, the sun rises an hour later, and unless you're into stubbing your toe on every piece of furniture you own, you probably turn the lights on when you get up in the damn dark. And what about people's internal clocks and sleep schedules? How can you just mess with such an important and personal thing?

Good get sun, just trying to give you the (vitamin) D.

Good get sun, just trying to give you the D (vitamin).

So that, in short, is the beginning of and debate pertaining to DST. Me, personally? I get non-narcotically high off of the extra hour of sunshine. It makes my heart sing, and I start to feel human again. DST is the reawakening of my soul after a cold, snowy winter. Knowing that long, hot summer days, shorts, tank tops, BBQs, outdoor concerts, reading in the park, and sleeping with the windows open is all coming soon is enough to keep me thinking happy thoughts all the way into May.

As for me, I'll be Walken on sunshine thanks to DST.

As for me, I'll be Walken on sunshine thanks to DST.

So, what do you think?