So. Maybe it's her love of pencils. Maybe, it's when she said "Here's $1500 to never crap on me or anyone ever!" (I'm going to let you figure out that context. Hint: Take it literally. Hintx2: This is just a shadow of what we discuss openly.) Maybe it's how she speaks in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ALWAYS, or maybe it's because she's the only other human I've ever met EVER that uses hyperbole as much as I do about EVERYTHING EVER because EVERYTHING IS THE BEST THING EVER ALL THE THINGS OMGGGGGPFFFFFF. Maybe it's because we understand each other when we say "can you do that thing because of things".  Maybe it is her load (hehe) of adorable catch phrases and colloquialisms that make my heart 'swell three sizes that day' like the Grinch. I'm going to run with the whole Grinch thing here not only because she loves Christmas (don't ever call it x-mas) but because it's sort of a brilliant segue...

The thing is, I was the Grinch for a while there. It was one of the darkest times in my life, and I'm 33 so I can say "one of" and mean it, as opposed to those people who are 17 and write autobiographies. I lost myself for almost a year, but thanks to a handful of people who loved me, I didn't lose touch completely. My boss, my friend; she gave me little doses of her light every so often, and she waited. She waited for me to fall in love with life again. She waited for me to remember how to laugh again. She gave me reasons to laugh. She reminded me that you get to decide who your family is; she reminded me that I'll always have a family at Kards Unlimited.

Happy Boss's Day to you, Kristen. I raise my glass to you, even though it's filled with champagne AND I HATE CHAMPAGNE.

P.s. I will now explain/admit that I totally used the game of thrones pic to lure people here. Not at all because IT'S THE BEST SHOW EVER OF ALL TIME.

Brian Boitano. I'm out.




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