So. May­be it’s her love of pen­cils. May­be, it’s when she said “Here’s $1500 to nev­er crap on me or any­one ever!” (I’m going to let you fig­ure out that con­text. Hint: Take it lit­er­al­ly. Hin­tx2: This is just a shad­ow of what we dis­cuss open­ly.) May­be it’s how she speaks in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ALWAYS, or may­be it’s because she’s the only oth­er human I’ve ever met EVER that uses hyper­bole as much as I do about EVERYTHING EVER because EVERYTHING IS THE BEST THING EVER ALL THE THINGS OMGGGGGPFFFFFF. May­be it’s because we under­stand each oth­er when we say “can you do that thing because of things”.  May­be it is her load (hehe) of adorable catch phras­es and col­lo­qui­alisms that make my heart ‘swell three sizes that day’ like the Grinch. I’m going to run with the whole Grinch thing here not only because she loves Christ­mas (don’t ever call it x-mas) but because it’s sort of a bril­liant segue…

The thing is, I was the Grinch for a while there. It was one of the dark­est times in my life, and I’m 33 so I can say “one of” and mean it, as opposed to those peo­ple who are 17 and write auto­bi­ogra­phies. I lost myself for almost a year, but thanks to a hand­ful of peo­ple who loved me, I didn’t lose touch com­plete­ly. My boss, my friend; she gave me lit­tle dos­es of her light every so often, and she wait­ed. She wait­ed for me to fall in love with life again. She wait­ed for me to remem­ber how to laugh again. She gave me rea­sons to laugh. She remind­ed me that you get to decide who your fam­i­ly is; she remind­ed me that I’ll always have a fam­i­ly at Kards Unlim­it­ed.

Hap­py Boss’s Day to you, Kris­ten. I raise my glass to you, even though it’s filled with cham­pag­ne AND I HATE CHAMPAGNE.

P.s. I will now explain/admit that I total­ly used the game of thrones pic to lure peo­ple here. Not at all because IT’S THE BEST SHOW EVER OF ALL TIME.

Bri­an Boi­tano. I’m out.




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