22 Sep

Dear Diary.….

Sep­tem­ber 22, 2015

Dear Diary,

Today I want to tell every­one about Dear Diary Day!  Each year, I tell myself that I am going to keep a writ­ten diary, and each year I fail.  Well, not this year!  I have plen­ty of jour­nals and they’re going to feel the wrath of my pen pret­ty damn soon.  So, to cel­e­brate Dear Diary Day, here are four quick and easy steps to fol­low:

1. Acquire a jour­nal (or a stack of loose­ly sta­pled togeth­er papers flipped upside down and backwards…the prin­ci­ple is the same though.)
dear-diary-300x2682. Acquire a pen (or a pen­cil, if you’re one of those peo­ple.)
MjAxMy02Y2Q5NWZkYTg4ODEyNDJj3. START WRITING (believe it or not this is the trick­i­est part, prob­a­bly because in Amer­i­ca we’re bred to con­sume, not to create…it’s sad real­ly.)
images4. Stay the hell away from your social media pro­files!!!!  (A jour­nal helps you be more your­self.  You explore who you are.  Rumi­nate, if you will.  Social media will NOT help with this.  What do you want to leave behind for your kids?  A social media pro­file that’s almost as well groomed as a Victoria’s Secret mod­el, or a diary/journal/stack of crum­pled nap­kins that tru­ly show who you are, or were, at a speci­fic time.  We all change so much year to year.  I guar­an­tee your future descen­dants will want it, they will want it more than most things you could leave behind.)

So, what do you think?