28 Nov

Dear Jon Stewart

Dear Jon Stewart,

Happy Birthday and a HUGE thank you to you! Thank you for the best show ever and the source of all my news (just kidding/ no I'm not...) The Daily Show! I guess, given the state of things, that I shouldn't be surprised at the show's continued relevance--you guys have much more than enough material to work with! But it is indeed impressive that fifteen years in to the show's run, TDS still manages to satirize the news and news media with such biting wit and intelligence.

Thank you for Stephen and Steve, whose debates illuminated both sides of any argument with grace and style,

thank you for Samantha Bee- I watch her one woman play about The Five basically every month and am still incredibly moved each time ;),

thank you for always finding new, amazingly funny corespondents like Jessica Williams (I miss you on GIRLS, JW!),


thank you for always giving us something perfect to post on Facebook, brilliant satire that says more than we ever could articulate,


And finally, thank you for your advocacy for important issues and media landscape-changing interviews.

Highest Regards and Warmest Birthday Wishes,


PS I forgive you for your part in the John McCain Maverick Madness of the 2000's, mostly because you've gotten so great at political impressions!



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