28 Nov

Dear Jon Stewart

Dear Jon Stew­art,

Hap­py Birth­day and a HUGE thank you to you! Thank you for the best show ever and the source of all my news (just kidding/ no I’m not…) The Dai­ly Show! I guess, given the state of things, that I shouldn’t be sur­prised at the show’s con­tin­ued relevance–you guys have much more than enough mate­ri­al to work with! But it is indeed impres­sive that fif­teen years in to the show’s run, TDS still man­ages to sat­i­rize the news and news media with such bit­ing wit and intel­li­gence.

Thank you for Stephen and Steve, whose debates illu­mi­nat­ed both sides of any argu­ment with grace and style,

thank you for Saman­tha Bee- I watch her one wom­an play about The Five basi­cal­ly every mon­th and am still incred­i­bly moved each time ;),

thank you for always find­ing new, amaz­ing­ly fun­ny core­spon­dents like Jes­si­ca Williams (I miss you on GIRLS, JW!),


thank you for always giv­ing us some­thing per­fect to post on Face­book, bril­liant satire that says more than we ever could artic­u­late,


And final­ly, thank you for your advo­ca­cy for impor­tant issues and media land­scape-chang­ing inter­views.

High­est Regards and Warmest Birth­day Wish­es,


PS I for­give you for your part in the John McCain Mav­er­ick Mad­ness of the 2000’s, most­ly because you’ve got­ten so great at polit­i­cal impres­sions!



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