Jingle Jingle Jingle Bells! Santa's on his WAY!
Okay, I promise this whole blog won't actually be written in the voice of Buddy the Elf. We just really love Christmas here. But there’s PLENTY of other events and holidays this month, Click READ MORE to check it out!

The 1st of December is empty of holidays. So we can really consider it a rest day. A day to celebrate nothing, to prepare for the rest of the whole month when we celebrate everything. The next day, it’s all happening. It’s National Mutt Day, for all you doggo lovers, the start of Hanukkah, and the first Sunday of Advent(all Dec 2). Then comes Let’s Hug Day(Dec 3), National Cookie Day(Dec 4) and Krampusnacht/Bathtub Party Day(Dec 5)!!

Can we pause and consider what a combo celebration would look like for Krampusnacht and Bathtub Party Day? I’m thinking lots of bubble decorations, and when you pop them Krampus appears and eats you.


The 7th is National Letter Writing Day. Interestingly, Christmas Card day is on the 9th. So I guess, like make sure your hands are nice and warm so that you can write all of the letters and then sign all of the cards. (Is Christmas Card Day a day when you’re supposed to send out your Christmas cards? Is that what that is? I definitely won’t be making that happen this year. Or like, any year.)

In between all of the writing, take a break to celebrate Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day and National Christmas Tree Day on the 8th!

Birthdays this week include The Dude, on December 4th, and Hagrid on December 6th.

Hanukkah ends on December 10th. It’s also Dewey Decimal System Day! So light those candles, then head to the library! But maybe check to see if they’re open first. And also, don’t leave the candles lit while you’re out of the house.
Jack Frost Day is the 11th, followed by Gingerbread House Day(Dec 12), National Cocoa Day(Dec 13), and International Tea Day(Dec 15) so it’s going to be a yummy week!

Don’t forget to get your dose of Marvel this weekend! Spiderman; Into the Spider-Verse hits theaters December 14th!

Birthdays this week include Jane Austen and Philip K. Dick(both Dec 16th)

I double-dog-dare you to call us on the 18th! Why? It’s Answer The Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day, and we take that pretty seriously. Because all Kards employees (with maybe a few exceptions) are EXACTLY as EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS as Buddy the Elf is. CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS! Of course, the 18th is also National “I Love Honey” Day and National Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day, but don’t expect us to be doing any of that nonsense. Like, you do you, boo, but we are Buddy the Elf 5evah.

The 19th is Christmas Carol Day, and I strongly suggest you end your evening of caroling at the movie theater because Mary Poppins is returning in Mary Poppins Returns!!!! Oh my goodness, we cannot wait for that.

Not into Mary Poppins? Well, first of all, who the heck are you. And secondly, it’s okay actually because on the 21st, Aquaman is released. Oh man, that’s going to be a different vibe in the theater, for sure. Mary Poppins is like awww yeaaahhh childhood and feeling great and feeding the pigeons and kites and love and yay! Aquaman, on the other hand…. well, we ALL KNOW that the entire purpose of the movie is Jason Momoa’s hot hot hot bod. Ughhhhhhhhhhh I’m so ready.

Oh. And also on the 21st, it’s National Ugly Sweater Day and also the Winter Solstice. BUT JASON MOMOA!

National Date Nut Bread Day is December 22, and then comes Festivus(Dec 23)!

Okay, are you ready for another week PACKED FULL of DECEMBER HOLIDAYS? HERE WE GO!

This last week includes Egg Nog Day(Dec 24), National Candy Cane Day, National Thank-you Note Day, Boxing Day, and Kwanzaa(all Dec 26th), National Fruitcake Day(Dec 27), Bacon Day(Dec 30), THREE birthdays(David Sedaris, Dec 26; Rudyard Kipling, Dec 30; Voldemort, Dec 31; and then, drumrollllll: It’s New Years Eve and we’re basically in 2059 now! Ahhhhhhh.

Oh wait.

Did I forget something?


Holly jolly holly jolly, made of snow and glitter and love and hope and peace and CHRISTMAS!

Right. Okay. So that’s December!

We really really hope you have a wonderful month, everyone. Please stop in and join us at the store to create some Christmas magic and memories. We’ll be super happy to see you.

Have a wonderful winter month! Happy holidays! All of them!

So, what do you think?