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December Events!

...Or, the many and varied ways in which Kards Unlimited will observe, celebrate, and participate in jolliness, merriment, and all Holiday tom-foolery!

December is hands-down our favorite month here at KU.  We love the holidays, guys.  A lot.  Almost as much as we love our dogs!  ...Ok, not really that much.  That was a little crazy.  But seriously, we love them so much.  Take a look below the cut to find out all the crazy-awesome things we'll be celebrating this month!

Mmmmmmm, cookies

In the first week of December, we'll celebrate Bartender Appreciation Day (12/1); National Mutt Day (12/2); Let's Hug Day and the beginning of Advent (12/3); National Cookie Day (12/4); Krampusnacht, International Ninja Day, AND Bathtub Party Day (12/5); and National Letter Writing Day (12/7)!

The first week of December also marks the birthdays of everyone's favorite drinker of White Russians, The Dude on the 4th, and the best Keeper of Keys and Grounds in the wizarding world, Rubeus Hagrid on the 6th!

Then in the second week of the month we have Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day and National Christmas Tree Day (12/8); Christmas CARD Day (12/9); Dewey Decimal System Day (12/10); Jack Frost Day (12/11); Gingerbread House Day and the first night of Hanukkah (12/12); and National Cocoa Day (12/13)!

I wish I had the architectural and confectionary skills to make this...

December's third week is a doozy!  There's International Tea Day and Cat Herder's Day (12/15); Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day, National "I Love Honey" Day, and National Wear a Plunger on your Head Day (12/18); Christmas Carol Day (12/19), and the Winter Solstice (12/21)!

We'll also be celebrating the birthdays of Jane Austen and Phillip K Dick on the 16th!

The last week of December starts strong with National Date Nut Bread Day (12/22); Festivus (12/23); Eggnog Day (YUM) AND CHRISTMAS EVE (12/24); CHRISTMAS!!!!!! (12/25); National Candy Cane Day, National Thank You Note Day, Boxing Day, and the beginning of Kwanzaa (12/26); National Fruitcake Day (12/27); Bacon Day (12/30); and New Year's Eve, National Champagne Day, and First Night (12/31)!

And the lovely last few birthdays of the year! David Sedaris on the 26th, Rudyard Kipling on the 30th, and our favorite ruthless villain, Tom Marvolo Riddle (alias Lord Voldemort) on the 31st!

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