How frequently do you really tell someone or something that you appreciate what they bring yo your life? That there are things about them that you treasure. You can appreciate anything and today you should take the time to stop and think about it. Whether or not what you appreciate has the ability to listen or read , it can still feel. Or maybe this is just a good exercise in remembering that there are things that you appreciate.

p.s. its called writing a letter for a reason. It involves a paper and pen, ass-clown.

Dear iPhone,
Even though I'm moving closer and closer to disconnecting my internet, stopping use of my email and in time even getting rid of you and moving into a teepee in the woods I want you to know that I appreciate you. I appreciate the way you let me see the people I love while I'm talking to them. I love the way you saved Thanksgiving, Christmas and my birthday. I love the way you let me photograph anything I want, whenever I want. I appreciate you for the way you let me listen to music for free. Check up on my friend's blogs. The way you show me maps of where I am and make it so I never feel lost. The way I can google whatever I want at any moment. The way you don't block porn. Even though I think you're recording all of my thoughts and selling them to Apple and giving the government my coordinates at all time, I appreciate you.

Dear women,
Despite thinking that you (we) are all insane I appreciate you. I appreciate your anatomy. Your soft skin. Your lady smell. Your ability to cuddle that is only matched by some pets. Your beauty. I appreciate the way your crazy keeps me going. I appreciate your passive aggressive nature because as much as I hate it, it amuses me and makes me love you. I appreciate you for giving birth to me and for being complicated. I appreciate that you're hot too. I appreciate that you have the ability to have children and start wars. Trojan ones.

Dear tea,
I appreciate you more than words can express. I appreciate your gentle notes. Your varied flavors Your steamy nature. The way you make me feel whole.

Dear Bonnie Raitt,
I appreciate your ginger hair. I appreciate you for writing songs that strike me in my heart even if they sound cheesy or outdated. I appreciate that you sang I Can't Make You Love Me so I can play it on repeat. And then when I start to judge myself for listening to it on repeat I can listen to someone like Alison Iraheta or Bon Iver cover it and feel like Im listening to something different.

Dear Pittsburgh,
Despite people thinking we don't like each other I don't feel like that's being true or fair to ourselves. I appreciate the way you make me not take the sun for granted even if I hate you for not giving me enough of it. I appreciate your small town, lack of pretension feel but with the benefits of a city even if I like to tell you that you aren't a real city. I appreciate your quirks and obsession with sports teams. I won't hate Red Sox fans when I go home next time. I'm lying. If I have to ride the T with them I will still hate them but I will remember year round Steelers fans and smile. I appreciate the way you get me drunk for 6 dollars- that's two drinks. I love your night life. I appreciate the people you've brought to me. I appreciate your white people and how silly they are and how they all  own Prius' and go out to brunch. I appreciate how many vegetarian restaurants you have and your appreciation and love of art. I appreciate that you make me walk places. I appreciate all your bridges. And Mr. Rogers. And museums.

Dear nose,
I never appreciate you enough. You help me make memories. And when you're stuffed up how you are today I realize how much you do without me noticing. Come back. I love you.

Dear 70s station at work,
I appreciate you. You make me feel at home. Or like Im a cast member in Dazed and Confused. thanks.


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