Today is the birthday of a great man, a humble man, a whiskey man. I'm talking about a certain Mr. Jack Daniels.

There are 4 types of American whiskey:

  • Bourbon - which is sweet, mostly made from corn. (Wild Turkey, Maker's Mark)
  • Tennessee - much like bourbon, but filtered through charcoal before bottling. (Jack Daniels)
  • Rye - made from rye. Spicier, but a lot like bourbon  (Old Overholt, Rittenhouse)
  • Blended - a mixture of whiskeys and neutral spirits  (Kessler)

Not to mention Canadian, Irish, and Scotch whiskeys. I could get into a spirited debate over which whiskey is the best and weigh the pros and cons of each... in fact, the last time I was at the bar, I had just such a conversation with a complete stranger (I still stand by the fact that he was wrong, I was right). However, I won't do that here. This is a celebration of whiskey in general and one man whose whiskey is the best selling whiskey in the world. Not to mention the fact that Jack Daniels has made headway into the culinary world, with some pretty awesome recipes. (BBQ ribs with Jack = outta this world)

When at a bar, most people order Jack as a mixed drink: Jack and Coke, Jack and Ginger, Lynchburgh Lemonade, Whiskey Sour, Mint Julep... etc, etc (Fyi, you can find those recipes here). If you're in college, you can bet you'll be doing shots of Jack at some point. If you're a hard-core Jack fan, you'll take it neat. I prefer mine on the rocks... more like on the rock as I only like to cool it slightly.

We here at KU love our whiskey... actually all liquor in general. You should really check out our bar section.

I say today grab some Jack, whether it be Black Label or Single Barrel, and raise a glass to the man who started with a barrel and built an empire.

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