July 1st. You may know it as a typical summer day, or maybe as a lead up to the fourth of July? Well you'd be right and so very wrong on both accounts. July 1st is a day we should all celebrate in supreme thankfulness, because it's the day that the man who kept the arc of the covenant out of the hands of the Nazis, stopped a dark evil from spreading over India, found the holy grail  and rescued us from the ...aliens... no, no sorry that last one didn't happen. Anyway, this guy was born. Of course I'm speaking of none other than the greatest  screen hero of all time, Doctor Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones Junior.


Indiana was the name of his dog. 

The Indiana Jones trilogy (Yes, trilogy. There was never a fourth movie made and it was all just a terrible dream everyone shared simultaneously) is the single greatest action/adventure franchise ever created. It also convinced me I could wield a whip and out run boulders. Disclaimer:  These are NOT things You can do.


Disclaimer #2: You also will NOT look cool in a fedora.

From the cool fedora, to the sweet leather jacket, to the man satchel, Indy has it all. Style, grace, fight moves, and big brown eyes. Indy is a man's man. And he' adopted small Asian kids before it was cool.


But whatever happened to Short Round?

Okay, I'm breaking down, I can't do it anymore. As much as I want to pretend Kingdom of the Crystal Skull never happened, it did. We all saw it, we all cried. I know grief is hard, but together we move past it, get on with our lives, and love the Indy we used to know. But seriously, stay away from the Blu-Ray of Crystal Skull, I've heard rumors that if you watch it with your eyes open, well....


There might be side-affects. 

I'll leave you with this, to help make what I'm sure is a boring Monday into an adventure. Seriously, play it while completing any task and tell me you don't feel just a little bit more like a hero. Changing the coffee. Changing the stapler. Changing the Diaper. All now more heroic.

Indiana Jones Theme Music

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