June 6th,  1933. The first Drive-In theater opened in Camden, New Jersey, and fornication for teenagers was never the same.


"No, honestly, we're here to watch the movie."

For the next four decades the Drive-In became an American icon. It was a boom time for industry. Then the eighties came slithering along with Reagan, VCRs, and AIDS, taking the Drive-In experience from this...


Wholesome fornication family friendly.

To this...



Where's Mad Max when you need him?

Sadly, the 90's didn't fare much better for our friend the Drive-In, and in 2013 Drive-Ins only account for 1.5 percent of theater screens in the U.S. Now, the digital conversion of films is hurting even more mom and pop Drive-Ins because they cannot afford the new digital projectors. Drive-Ins are an endangered species, and if we want to preserve them, we have to support them, lest they end up like this...


If Pixar taught us anything it's that we need to care for inanimate objects.

Luckily, if you're in the Pittsburgh area, there's still hope! Dependable Drive-In is located in Moon Township, just a short drive from downtown!  So pile into your gas efficient car and head on out to support your local Drive-In before its gone!


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