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Here's the thing about reading, guys: it's the best thing in the world.  Now, plenty of people have waxed poetic about the joys of a new hardcover fresh off the shelves, the iconic smells of books old and new, and the literally awesome power of books to engage and entrance the imagination.  And I fully endorse and agree with all those things.  I'm not saying there isn't anyone who loves books as much as I do, folks, I'm just saying those people are rare and if they and I could move to a deserted island and build a city out of words, we would.  And we would love it.

But on this Drop Everything And Read Day, I'm gonna talk to you about something slightly different (but still very much word and information-related, this isn't Crazytown.)  One of the most surefire ways to get me to drop everything and read is to point me vaguely in the direction of Wikipedia.  It's a bit of a running internet joke that reading any Wiki article can easily become an hours-long marathon of reading, since there are so many links in every article and they all link you to other pertinent articles!  It's like a conspiracy to give people information!  Of course, information on ye olde wiki is not necessarily to be taken as Gospel, and students everywhere are uniformly admonished never to cite it as a source in papers, but I think that gives wikipedia an unfairly bad wrap.  Most wikipedia articles, at least the ones with real information (i.e., not the ones about pop culture icons and active political figures) cite their sources with links to the information across other media.  Randall Munroe really says it best in this comic:


It's exactly like this.

Except by problem, he obviously means incredible glory.  It's literally an almost infinite amount of information.  That's amazing!

My point is that while books are great, (I seriously cannot stress enough that books are great.  For about an infinite number of reasons.) there's plenty of reading to be done in other areas.  Literacy is probably the single most important skill a kid can learn in the information age, and a love of reading instilled at an early age is super important.  And that's why Drop Everything And Read Day rules.  Thanks Beverly Cleary!

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