The­se books are super cute.

Wel­come to the Jan­u­ary edi­tion of Cook­ing With Kards!

Appar­ent­ly I didn’t get enough deserts over the hol­i­day sea­son, because this mon­th I decid­ed it would be a good idea to test run a desert item I found in the Drunk­en Cook­book!

If you’ve nev­er seen the Drunk­en Cook­book or it’s com­pan­ion, the Hun­gover Cook­book, let me tell you that they are super cute. The­se are 100% great gift items to get that per­son you know who likes to drink a lot and pre­tends to cook.

Notice I said pre­tends to cook there. So the real deal on the­se books is this. While they are super wicked cute, fun and well writ­ten, they are not real­ly for cook­ing. I mean, you CAN cook out of them, but they’re real­ly most­ly actu­al­ly for read­ing. They are full of clev­er drunk­en word play and wacky illus­tra­tions. Very fun to read. And I mean, like I said, you CAN cook the things, but some of the recipes are com­pli­cat­ed.

To be hon­est, I was too lazy this mon­th to  to want to do any­thing this mon­th, so it basi­cal­ly was like, ‘Welp. We’re skip­ping all of the­se pages and going right to desert.’ I mean I read some of the recipes, but I was too busy think­ing about ice cream to be open to falling in love with them.

I chose the Big Lebowski Sun­dae! It was cold, and there was booze in it. Did I men­tion that pret­ty much all of the recipes in the Drunk Cook­book con­tain booze? I feel like that’s an impor­tant fact.

Any­way, the Big Lebowski Sun­dae is basi­cal­ly a sun­dae ver­sion of a white rus­sian. If you couldn’t fig­ure that out, you need to watch the Big Lebowski STAT. seri­ous­ly.


MLP glass set! ^.^

I used a recipe that was for 2 sun­daes and made 3 sun­daes out of it.… because I was using the SUPER CUTE but SUPER SKINNY pony glass­es that I just bought at the store the oth­er day. (If you’re won­der­ing what ponies have to do with the Big Lebowski, you should check out the 100th episode of My Lit­tle Pony. The dude makes an appear­ance!)

And, along the same ‘too lazy to do any­thing’ the­me, I total­ly didn’t actu­al­ly mea­sure any­thing. I can make a white rus­sian in my sleep, so I was like, I’ll just eye­ball this crap.

The ver­dict: most­ly yum! The only not yum part for me was the crushed hazel­nuts, but that’s because I hate hazel­nuts. Love hazel­nut fla­vor, but hate the nuts. So.… Aside from that bit, it was a-okay! I mean.… real­ly, it was just a real­ly sweet white rus­sian. The ice cream didn’t last very long. (I prob­a­bly should have actu­al­ly chilled the glass­es, but what can I say. I was IMPATIENT.)


The illus­tra­tions inside!

In case you don’t trust my opin­ion, I made my two room­mates try the­se things with me. They are both huge Lebowski fans. (Which is why I can make a white rus­sian in my sleep, yo. Some­times you just have to drink white rus­sians all the freak­ing time.) They both like it! And they want me to tell you guys that you just have to stir it up a lot! Which is true. There is like a solid block of con­densed milk in the cup if you don’t stir it. But take the pic­tures BEFORE you stir, because damn, it’s pret­ty when fresh. all those lay­ers of khalua and milk and ice cream YUM.

So, try it out guys! It’s a great day for a Big Lebowski Sun­dae!

P.S. Remem­ber when I said I was lazy? I was lazy enough that all of the pic­tures I took of the dang ice cream looked like crap. So no pic­tures this mon­th. YOULL JUST HAVE TO MAKE THEM FOR YOURSELF!

Big Lebowski Sun­dae

4 ice cubes
4 tbsp Kahlua
4 tbsp chilled vod­ka
4 scoops vanil­la ice cream
1 14-oz can con­densed milk
1 tbsp toast­ed crushed hazel­nuts
2 maraschi­no cher­ries

Take 2 chilled sun­dae glass­es, or any oth­er type of tall glass that you might have at hand, and put the ice cubes, Kahlua, and vod­ka in them. Care­ful­ly place a scoop of ice cream in each so that it doesn’t fall into the bot­tom of the glass but rests on top of the ice cubes, dis­tinct from the dark Kahlua lay­er beneath.

Pour in the con­densed milk, almost to the top of each glass. Add anoth­er scoop of  ice cream, sprin­kle with the toast­ed, crushed hazel­nuts, add a tea­spoon of Kahlua for col­or, and top with a maraschi­no cher­ry to gar­nish.

So, what do you think?