It's time for us to sit down and have a serious conversation about Batman. Specifically the new face of batman: Ben Affleck.
What is that about. Who decided that. I have feelings.
As someone who has been a Batman fan for a good long while, I'm feeling a little whiplash. I mean, Batman is basically a shape-shifter, these days. So many people's faces have claimed to be his face. And some of them have done so really poorly. (I'm looking at you, Clooney)

So we got some pretty decent Batman action with Christian Bale. It was a pretty thing they did, for sure. And I feel like a lot of people were like, that's nice, we can be done for a hot minute, right?

I understand that DC is eyeballing Marvel's success and wants to get in the action. And I am super excited about Wonder Woman. But, another Batman??? mannnnnn.

Also, Ben Affleck, really? his face is creepy. And will you LOOK at that picture up there? Who in their right mind would believe that there is a real human being under that bulk-tastic suit. There is no way Ben Affleck bulked up that much. But it looks like they think I'm supposed to believe that, because there are like veins built into the suit. So like what, they want us to think that those are real muscles? nope. not happening. (also.... just saying, if we could actually see viens popping through, A, the material would not be protective at all and B, Where are his nipples, then, huh? What, batman wears pasties? what.) Also, where is his neck?

So those are my thoughts, anyway. Go ahead and start arguing. I'd love to hear it.

Meanwhile, here is my submission for the REAL next Batman. Abed for Batman. He does it so well already.

So, what do you think?