This is an earth appreciation post.

I'm not here to talk about global warming or carbon dioxide in the atmosphere- you can get yelled at about that simply by watching the news.

I'm here to talk about the earth. The tiny spinning full-of-life planet we're all riding through space.

The earth is pretty spectacular when you think about it. I mean, just look at it for a minute.

Majestic, yes?

Okay, now look at this.

Honestly, how are we not just staring at Jupiter all the time? HOW CAN'T WE SEE IT? HOW ISN'T THE SKY JUST JUPITER?

Probably because of how far away it is, but still. The thing is gynorm.

To get marginally off topic, who remembers this?


I still can't say Jupiter out loud without going jupitERRRRRRR.

Okay okay back to the earth. Should I be capitalizing earth? And I call myself a 'writer'. Yeesh.

What I'm trying to say is that the Earth is our home. According to science, there's nowhere else for us homo sapiens to live in space. They keep trying to say we can live on Mars, but let's get real. Living on Mars makes living on Earth look heavenly. Air to breathe, water, agriculture... We may be slowly destroying the earth one pollutant at a time, but I challenge you to think about how you're impacting the Earth. What can you do to help out the frigging planet we live on? Pick up some trash, stop driving places you can walk, use reusable grocery bags, stop buying those godforsaken plastic disposable water bottles, recycle everything you possibly can, plant some clean air friendly plants, or get some energy efficient appliances. Simple changes can make a difference, and I implore you to make just one change in the name of the wonderful planet we call home.

You stay classy, Pittsburgh.

The 'burgh from space

So, what do you think?