At Kards Unlimited, we are obsessed with bunny merchandise especially around Easter time.  We seize any opportunity to feature rabbits in our merchandise because, well, BUNNIES ARE ADORABLE!!

3 cute2

This bunny is clapping because he is excited for Easter!

In the United States, rabbits are heavily associated with Easter.  Some sources believe this tradition came from German immigrants that settled down in Pennsylvania (hey, that's us!).  Regardless, bunnies deserve the recognition!

This Easter incorporate your gifts with bunny themed products.  Consider buying books related to rabbits.  We have a large selection of children books ranging from adventure to spooky horror novels.  Remember to grab some stickers for the young ones as an activity for Easter Sunday.  They will be distracted playing while you can take a few moments to rest!



If you are feeling more gracious, purchase our stuffed animal rabbits.  Our stuffed animals are cuddly and soft.  So, it's just like the real thing minus all of the mess!


Plus, we even have an unofficial bunny mascot at Kards Unlimited...

nye nye

Meet Nymeria!!  She's a one year old rabbit who loves to hop and bink.  Her favorite foods are carrots, kale, and strawberries.

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