5 Apr

Happy Easter!

spring sunrise

Don't you feel all warm and lovely just looking at it?

This time of year always makes me so HYPER. .... and I swear to Glob, it is not the chocolate or the jelly beans.
It's the feeling of life flowing back into the earth, the warmth creeping back into the day, the sun shining, the birds chirping, the frosty mornings that melt with the sunshine.

When I was really little, (before I became a heathen) my family used to go to a sunrise Easter service every year. We would put on these amazing lacy frilly, pink, blue and purple dresses, and these adorable big floppy hats. You know, the quintessential Easter outfit. And we would wake up ridiculously early and head out into the chilly air to go to church.

I don't remember much about the services, but I do remember the feel of the air on those mornings. There was always something magical about the way the cool air met the dawn light, and the sky lit up with rainbow colors, that faded into a light blue sky. Sure, finding the Easter basket was highly anticipated, but that morning sky was actually my favorite.

So maybe you don't celebrate Easter, or maybe you do. Regardless, I hope you have a moment to enjoy the warm spring air creeping back into your heart. Winter is over. The time of death and sleep and cold and dark has finally come to an end for the year. Embrace the new spring! Treat yourself to a cleansing shower and a new spring outfit, and make sure to wake up and see the beautiful sunrise this Easter Spring Season.

But also. Enjoy the chocolate bunnies. But not too much. Veggie Tales will tell you all about it.


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