Imagine this: it's your birthday but literally everyone you know has forgotten. To make it worse, there's only ten people in your town and all of you have been living there for, like, forever. You go about your day-pretty upset but DEALING with it, which is super hard to do because your stuffing-for-brains friends keep asking you what's wrong! So annoying! So you finally break down and them HELLO it's your BIRTHDAY and are met not with profuse apologies, but with a "many returns of the day" mumbled in between pawfuls of hunny. Actually, that's not all. Later you have to cope with your friends pretending like they were planning a surprise party the whole time! Except that the only presents they managed to scrounge up were an EMPTY hunny pot and a broken red balloon.

I think most of us would be ready to move oh, I don't know, about 101 acres away and find a new crew. But not our buddy, the lovely and appropriately glum Eeyore. Why? Because Eeyore always makes the best out of any situation. Eeyore's is humble and happy to spend time on his B-Day with his friends! Eeyore is never materialistic. Empty hunny pot and a broken balloon? Awesome! Now you can put whats left of the balloon into the hunny pot and take it back out again! Hours of fun! Also red is his favorite color, so great :0)


This generosity of spirit is shown by Eeyore again and again. When Tigger bounced Eeyore on purpose into the river, he just went with it, floating down the river and easily winning a game of pooh sticks along the way!

So let's stop labeling Eeyore as the emo donkey from the Hundred Acre Woods and praise him on his birthday for his ability to go with the flow (for the most part), his keeping-it-realism, and his sense of draaaama.

The people of Austin, Texas certainly do! They have been gathering on the last Saturday of April since 1963 to celebrate Eeyore's birthday.  Originally started by the English students at the University of Texas, Eeyore's Birthday Party once included " a trashcan full of lemonade, beer, honey sandwiches, a live, flower-draped donkey, and a may pole (in keeping with the event's proximity to May Day)". Today the event is independent of the University and mostly consists of hippie drum circles and fun games for kids! Which definitely sounds like something Eeyore would just barely tolerate. Like, he would roll his eyes at the bongos but be super psyched about the locally sourced tofu corn dogs and the fact that proceeds go to Friends of the Forest.

A Very Happy Birthday to Eeyore, with love from Kards Unlimited.

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