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HP and the Philosopher's Stone

HP and the Philosopher's Stone

Just for perspective, Emma Watson was 11 when the first HP movie came out in 2001.

She was 21 when the final HP movie came out in 2011.

It has now been 4 years since then end of the Harry Potter Movie magic.

And Emma Watson is now 25.

(Dear HP fans, do you feel old? I know I do.)

Personally, Emma Watson is kind of my hero. We all know that she's a fantastic actor. And we all know that she never let fame go to her head. But Emma Watson has gone on to prove that she is actually an amazing and empowered woman who wants to make the world better for everyone! YAY!

I mean, if any of you DON'T know about #HeForShe by now..... well, you might want to consider catching up.


Golden Globes 2015

Here are some super rad facts about Emma that will make you love her even more than you probably do right now. 

-Early on in her role as Hermione, Emma was so determined to rock it that she may.... have also memorized Harry and Ron's lines. You can see her mouthing along with them in this (adorable but awkward) clip on youtube.

-Emma is a certified Yoga instructor. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE.

-She journals every night.

-Both of her parents are lawyers. Which is probably why she is SO dang smart. You need a good brain on your head to get out of doing the dishes with two lawyers in the house. Not that she would really try and do that.

-She has a degree in English Literature.

-She named her pet cats Bubbles and Domino.

-Emma once missed an Oscars after-party because she fell asleep in her hotel room. When she woke up she decided to just order a pizza. No, this was not when she was 11. This was in 2014.


She's super the best, right? Happy Birthday, Emma! We're so glad you're you!


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