March is Employee Spirit Month, and I am here to celebrate. No matter what I complain about, and my complaints are legion, I love my job. I go to work in the morning, barely awake and chugging coffee (with or without a shot of espresso.) I don’t want to wake up for a morning shift; I don’t want to stay until 9:30 to close. But when I’m at work I’m happy. Because there is joy in my job. I don’t help the poor, I don’t fix the large wrongs, but I pay my bills and I do it at a place that allows me happiness. We get to listen to the bizarre dreams of our boss like kids during storytime. We get to have the geekiest conversations with our customers. We get to say things like, "I drank Captain's in honor of the pirate octopus". "Fish head lollipops, now good for pointing". We get to discuss Hunger Games, Glee, Russian politics and little known facts while we work. We whistle. We sing. We made unintelligible sounds.

Think of Carly, who may be the angriest 90 pound woman I have ever met. Think of her joy in collecting and digesting the vastness of Kards. She revels in grasping the entirety of our store and is particularly talented for it. And she, like I, finds joy in attaching pricing stickers to 24 temporary tattoos in just under 6 seconds.

Jill, the external voice and the internal rock of our store. She engineers the punch-drunk swagger of Kards Unlimited, and does it right.

Blair is to me the Calm Down and the Be Cool, the 5-year veteran non-plussed by daily turbulence.

Have you met Michael Plotz? He belongs here; I can’t think of a better way to describe it. He is in the employee you need. He is the presence you need. Unflappable, excited, pleased, horrifyingly over-competent.  How does he smile so sweetly all of the time?

I would like to share an image of Jessi. The 70s station is playing on the radio in early January, during the distinct hangover of the Christmas season. There we are, Jessi and I at 8p.m., standing behind the counter exhausted. Then a song comes on, I don’t remember which one nor do I care. Suddenly we start popping out our hips along with the rhythm and giggling. Because dancing is always better than standing still.

Mary is our moxy, and our crazy. She is the living end of Kards Unlimited, because screw you if you don’t understand how much fun there is to be had, be it a lively discussion of the merits of atheism or a comprehensive outline of why, when, and where there will be butts punched.

I will say nothing of Chris; there is nothing to add to his bizarrely positive energy and comprehensive knowledge of lyrics from 1965 to 1983, which he employs in a zen-like cheerfulness. He was born in 1990.

And Sarah, our newest coworker. The youngest, the smiliest, true, but as batshit as the rest of us in her own beautiful, subtle way. There aren't any real pictures of Sarah. We'll get there.

Employee spirit. Try to doubt me.

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