April is upon us, friends!  Spring has sprung!  It's time to get lit!  ...Or whatever.  April, unsurprisingly, is full of awesome celebrations and sweet holidays, so click READ MORE to find out the KU haps!

Easter is her favorite holiday, obvs.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month!  Here at KU we definitely support the (responsible and fun) consumption of alcohol and enjoy partaking ourselves!  If you need assistance observing Alcohol Awareness Month, in any capacity, feel free to come talk to us! April is also Grilled Cheese Month (yum!), National Knuckles Down Month, and STD/I Awareness Month! Be safe out there, friends!


The first celebrations this April are Passover (which actually started on March 30th and will continue until 4/7) and Easter on 4/1!  Also on 4/1 are April Fool's Day and Sourdough Bread Day! The first week of April will continue with National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day, International Children's Book Day, Great Lovers Day, and the Pittsburgh Pirates Home Opener (against the Minnesota Twins) on 4/2; Tweed Day, National Chocolate Mousse Day, and Fish Fingers & Custard Day on 4/3; National Burrito Day on 4/5; Plan Your Epitaph Day, International Whistlers Day, and New Beer's Eve on 4/6; and finally World Health Day, Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day, and the beginning of National Robotics Week (4/7-4/15) on 4/7! (Whew! That was a doozie!)

They're not dumb, guys. They know they're called Gred and Forge.

April also starts strong in the birthdays department with Anne McCaffrey, the Weasley twins, and Bart Simpson on 4/1; Hans Christian Anderson on 4/2; Robert Downey Jr. on 4/4; and Paul Rudd on 4/6!

Super cute book, don't get me wrong, but no thanks.

April's second week will include Rex Manning Day, Dog Farting Awareness Day (are we not aware of dog farts usually?), Zoo Lovers Day, and the beginning of National Library week (4/8-4/14) on 4/8; National Unicorn Day on 4/9; Sibling Day on 4/10; Barbershop Quartet Day on 4/11; Drop Everything And Read Day and the International Day of Human Space Flight on 4/12; and Scrabble Day on 4/13!

Right, right, sorry.

Also in the second week of April we'll celebrate the birthday of everyone's favorite friend, Chandler Bing on 4/8!

Dude, what? I mean, like, WHAT?

In the third week of April, we'll start off with National Glazed Spiral Ham Day, That Sucks Day, and Tax Day on 4/15 (file your taxes! Get that refund, baby!); National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day on 4/16; Haiku Poetry Day on 4/17; International Jugglers Day on 4/18; National Garlic Day, National Amaretto Day, Get to Know Your Customers Day, and High Five Day on 4/19; 4/20 on 4/20 (amazing!); and John Muir Day on 4/21!

Look at Leonardo's beard, guys. H*ckin' majestic.

The third week of April also features the birthdays of Emma Watson, Henry James, and Leonardo da Vinci on 4/15!

That's our home, guys. Let's take care of it. Seriously.

Finally we'll celebrate Earth Day and National Send Your Man Nudes Day on 4/22; Talk Like Shakespeare Day on 4/23; Administrative Professionals Day on 4/25; National Pretzel Day and National Audubon day on 4/26; Arbor Day and Morse Code Day on 4/27; Independent Bookstore Day on 4/28; and we'll close April out with Walpurgisnacht and International Jazz Day on 4/30!

Happy birthday, weirdo.

The last week of April also marks some important birthdays like Vladimir Nabokov on 4/22; William Shakespeare on 4/23; Hank Azaria on 4/25; Eeyore on 4/27; Terry Pratchett and Harper Lee on 4/28; Jerry Seinfeld on 4/29; and Lisbeth Salander on 4/30!

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