Roald Dahl is somehow one of the most loved and most obscure writers ever. This phenomenon probably has something to with the fact that, in addition to being an amazing author, he was a fighter pilot and intelligence officer during WWII.

Let me repeat that for you.  A fighter pilot and intelligence officer during World Frickin' War II.  (And, point of interest, not only a fighter pilot but a flying ace.  In case fighter pilot wasn't cool enough for you.)

Point being, Mr Dahl obviously had a lot of experience being both dashingly heroic and a secret ninja.  I can't go into all the amazingly dope things Roald Dahl did in his life here, because you'd be reading for years, but suffice it to say that five minutes worth of research into this man's life will cause you to wonder what you've been doing with your life a minimum of three times.

Interestingly, Dahl's work is probably best known (in this country) through film adaptations.  Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are hysterical as Matilda's deadbeat parents, Anjelica Huston frankly disturbs as The Grand High Witch, George Clooney is - there's no other appropriate word - fantastic as Mr. Fox, and Gene Wilder is iconic as Willie Wonka.  That's not to mention Dahl's dozens of other works, including his work for Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and his many works that weren't adapted to film. All these movies are great fun, but the books they're based on are out of this world.

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