IMG_0001You know what would be so yummy right now? A fresh, crisp salad made from locally grown greens and the best tomatoes you've ever tasted.

Or maybe a nice bowl of fresh blueberries with cream?

Crisp peppers! Cool cucumbers! Carrots! radishes!

Farmer's Markets are one of my very favorite things about summer. I am 100% more likely to buy vegetables when I can get them outdoors from a local farmer. And it's not entirely because I'm a snob and like my veggies pure and simple. It's not entirely because I want to support my local farmers, although I super duper do. I think it's really mostly because simply going to a farmers market inspires me to be overly healthy for at least a day or two. So I feel all alive and fresh and I buy one million tomatoes and 5 bundles of kale.

Pittsburgh has a pretty rad selection of farmers markets. If you're willing to travel, you can pretty much find a farmers market somewhere every day of the week.


Tomatillos are awesome.

I think the thing I love the most about farmer's markets (aside from them being like, good for your karma or something) is that I always end up finding a vegetable that is new to me that I just HAVE to try and cook. I mean, now that we have a Market District, we can get pretty much any vegetable we want at any point in the year. (Which is honestly a little scary, guys. I mean things have growing seasons for a reason.) But far before Market District had caught on, I met my first tomatillo at a small farmer's tent in Oakland. It changed my life.

National Farmer's Market Week is August 4th through 10th. I challenge you to go to at LEAST one farmer's market to celebrate!  Buy something radically new and strange.

Or just buy some tomatoes, because farm grown tomatoes are seriously the best thing in this world. end.

Click here to see a list of Pittsburgh Parks' 2015 Markets! 

So, what do you think?