IMG_0001You know what would be so yum­my right now? A fresh, crisp sal­ad made from local­ly grown greens and the best toma­toes you’ve ever tast­ed.

Or may­be a nice bowl of fresh blue­ber­ries with cream?

Crisp pep­pers! Cool cucum­bers! Car­rots! radish­es!

Farmer’s Mar­kets are one of my very favorite things about sum­mer. I am 100% more like­ly to buy veg­eta­bles when I can get them out­doors from a local farmer. And it’s not entire­ly because I’m a snob and like my veg­gies pure and sim­ple. It’s not entire­ly because I want to sup­port my local farm­ers, although I super duper do. I think it’s real­ly most­ly because sim­ply going to a farm­ers mar­ket inspires me to be over­ly healthy for at least a day or two. So I feel all alive and fresh and I buy one mil­lion toma­toes and 5 bundles of kale.

Pitts­burgh has a pret­ty rad selec­tion of farm­ers mar­kets. If you’re will­ing to trav­el, you can pret­ty much find a farm­ers mar­ket some­where every day of the week.


Tomatil­los are awe­some.

I think the thing I love the most about farmer’s mar­kets (aside from them being like, good for your kar­ma or some­thing) is that I always end up find­ing a veg­etable that is new to me that I just HAVE to try and cook. I mean, now that we have a Mar­ket Dis­trict, we can get pret­ty much any veg­etable we want at any point in the year. (Which is hon­est­ly a lit­tle scary, guys. I mean things have grow­ing sea­sons for a rea­son.) But far before Mar­ket Dis­trict had caught on, I met my first tomatil­lo at a small farmer’s tent in Oak­land. It changed my life.

Nation­al Farmer’s Mar­ket Week is August 4th through 10th. I chal­lenge you to go to at LEAST one farmer’s mar­ket to cel­e­brate!  Buy some­thing rad­i­cal­ly new and strange.

Or just buy some toma­toes, because farm grown toma­toes are seri­ous­ly the best thing in this world. end.

Click here to see a list of Pitts­burgh Parks’ 2015 Mar­kets! 

So, what do you think?