Thanks bunch­es to all you book club­bers that sac­ri­ficed your beau­ti­ful Sun­day evening to come talk books with us!

For all you oth­er peo­ple that couldn’t make it, well. It’s okay! We’re going to keep talk­ing about this book for next book club as well!!!

That’s right, on April 10th, at 6pm, we will be get­ting togeth­er to talk about the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sec­tions of The Once and Future King.

If you haven’t start­ed read­ing the book yet, let me tell you that one of the rea­sons we’re going to keep read­ing it was that EVERYONE LOVED IT! We were all real­ly excit­ed about con­tin­u­ing on to the next sec­tion of the book. In fact, one of our club­bers said that she’s been telling every­one she meets to read The Once and Future King. So we’re not kid­ding guys. This one is a gem.

Things we loved in par­tic­u­lar: 
Mer­lin, the skin­ny old man in run­ning shorts when every­one else is in tunics and leg­gings.
Mer­lin, pop­ping in and out of time. hilar­i­ous.
Robin Wood! (not hood. wood.)
Done. Done. Not done.
That quest­ing beast, guys. <3

Things that grossed us out:
The house made of Meat…??? What was that??? LOLZ

See yinz in April!!

So, what do you think?