This month is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. We have lots of feels about that: we love puppies and we especially love when puppies find a safe and  love-filled place they call home! So when we got this particular book in stock, we were all a-crying, sighing and full of warm fuzzier!  Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories by Traer Scott is chalk full of pictures of some really amazing dogs, all of whom Scott encountered while volunteering at various animal shelters.

Scott combines the amazing photography with stories of these wonderful doggies: From Morrissey,  a pitt bull who struggled with anxiety behaviors while in the animal shelter until he found a forever home with a family with four children, to Bingley, a dog made deaf during a drug bust who found a family willing to love and live with a dog who can't hear. The stories are all inspiring, although some can be a but heart wrenching.

This book makes a great coffee table book and conversation starter for any and all dog lovers. Show all your visitors these beautiful sad-funny faces and maybe you can help convince someone to bring home their very own shelter dog friend! 

So, what do you think?