Spring is here! Spring is here! Mother nature doesn't always like to cooperate with when we say spring begins, but either way, here are 5 things I'm looking forward to this fine spring.

  1. Tulips. OH MY GOD TULIPS. As soon as I start to see those buggers popping out of the ground my heart leaps. BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS ARE ON THEIR WAY.
  2. Hyacinth. Get a whiff of these babies because they are fragrant and delightful.
  3. When the trees start to get leaves again.

    Baby Leaves

    This is my back yard last spring on April 20!

  4. Magnolia trees. These are probably my favorite part of spring. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!
    Magnolia Tree
  5. Ladybugs!


    This is my lady, we're friends.

So, what do you think?