If you know us at KU (and me, this is JP speaking, hi) we love dogs. We're pet friendly and we welcome doggies in the store.

But what about bringing your dog to WORK? How friggin awesome would that be? Who has a workplace that would be worse off with dogs present? Probably trash men or like, surgeons on surgery day, but whatever, that's not what we do here. ANYWHO. You're in luck if this is getting you jazzed.

Friday June 20 is take your dog to work day, and provided that no one is allergic to your little friend and your dog is sociable, YOU SHOULD DO EET. Ask your boss, take Feefee for a long walk before work and enjoy the stress relieving companionship your dog provides. Plus, people who don't have a dog but love dogs will be so excited to see a DOGGY! HI DOGGY! CAN I PET HIM? OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM! HE'S SO PRECIOUS! And even better, you'll have someone to talk to all day that will do absolutely 0 talking back. Perf.

This is a face you'll be seeing here at KU on Friday :) He will be available to be petted and loved in general because that's his MO.

My precious little Yogi

My precious little Yogi

So, what do you think?