Do you know how they shipped frag­ile things before 1957? I don’t know, since this was before my time (and my par­ents’ time) but I can only imag­ine how trag­ic a life with­out BUBBLE WRAP would be. Imag­ine nev­er hav­ing popped those frag­ile yet cush­iony bub­bles. Imag­ine receiv­ing goods dam­aged and maimed. The shame. The hor­ror.

We’ve all got­ten our dirty mitts on a piece of two or bub­ble wrap and OH GAHD is it sat­is­fy­ing. If you want to get real­ly vin­dic­tive you can pop it behind some­one unsus­pect­ing and send their stom­ach into their esoph­a­gus. (This is what hap­pens when you do things like that to me. It is awful but appar­ent­ly high­ly amus­ing for the oth­er par­ty.)

Any­who. On to the fun facts.

  • Bub­ble wrap was orig­i­nal­ly cre­at­ed in 1957 as wall paper. This should tell you how crazy the 60s were about to get. Imag­ine bub­ble wrap walls…
  • There are dif­fer­ent sizes of bub­ble wrap for dif­fer­ent ship­ping and pro­tec­tion meth­ods.
    Bubble sizes
  • The bub­bles can be made into SHAPES. LIKE HEARTS.
    heart shaped bubble wrap
  • Bub­ble wrap appre­ci­a­tion day was start­ed by a radio sta­tion in 2001.
    Keep calm
  • Bub­ble wrap” is a trade­marked by the Sealed Air Corp. It’s one of those things that’s trade­marked but the com­mon­ly used ter­mi­nol­o­gy for any kind is used, like Band Aid or Kleenex.
  • You can vir­tu­al­ly pop bub­ble wrap here.

So, what do you think?