Do you know how they shipped fragile things before 1957? I don't know, since this was before my time (and my parents' time) but I can only imagine how tragic a life without BUBBLE WRAP would be. Imagine never having popped those fragile yet cushiony bubbles. Imagine receiving goods damaged and maimed. The shame. The horror.

We've all gotten our dirty mitts on a piece of two or bubble wrap and OH GAHD is it satisfying. If you want to get really vindictive you can pop it behind someone unsuspecting and send their stomach into their esophagus. (This is what happens when you do things like that to me. It is awful but apparently highly amusing for the other party.)

Anywho. On to the fun facts.

  • Bubble wrap was originally created in 1957 as wall paper. This should tell you how crazy the 60s were about to get. Imagine bubble wrap walls...
  • There are different sizes of bubble wrap for different shipping and protection methods.
    Bubble sizes
  • The bubbles can be made into SHAPES. LIKE HEARTS.
    heart shaped bubble wrap
  • Bubble wrap appreciation day was started by a radio station in 2001.
    Keep calm
  • "Bubble wrap" is a trademarked by the Sealed Air Corp. It's one of those things that's trademarked but the commonly used terminology for any kind is used, like Band Aid or Kleenex.
  • You can virtually pop bubble wrap here.

So, what do you think?