Pretty straightforward, folks.  Video games are awesome.  They deserve to be celebrated and enjoyed.  Therefore, we the people have devoted an entire day to their glory.  That day is September 12th.  But, I gotta ask: couldn't we have scheduled this holiday over the weekend?  Thursday's kind of a bummer.  Nevertheless, MARK YOUR CALENDARS, FELLAS AND FELLADIES.  This is going to be huge.  At least to you and me.


A little nerd humor to celebrate the occasion.

I really don't think I need to explain just what it is that makes video games so awesome.  If I do, then I'll consider you a lost cause.  You either love video games or you hate them; it's not the kind of pastime that allows much middle ground.  But for those of us in the know?  MAN, HOW SWEET ARE VIDEO GAMES?!  Like, they're crazy fun.  And they're only going to get more fun as technology gets more technology-er.  Think about the first Game Boy: debuted in 1989, ran on four AA batteries, weighed NEARLY A FULL POUND.  Flash forward just over two decades into the future and we're basically walking around with mini-super computers in our pockets.  We're talking three-dimensional imaging capabilities, a front- and rear-facing camera, and dual screens.  And it weighs less than half of a pound.  Baby, look how far we've come.


The original Game Boy. It's so disgusting.

Now, I've singled the Game Boy out only because it's so well known, but the same holds true for PCs and platforms.  I can't tell you how many times I've tried to go back and play old PS2 games (many of which were released only four or five years ago) and practically gagged from the low graphics quality.  GAGGED.  Our video games are getting smarter and sexier every year.  Just like me.


I'm almost as sexy as Lara Craft. Actually, scratch that - I definitely have the edge here.

That's all I'll say about that.  But rest assured, video games are much more than they appear.  The best games feature compelling characters and story lines, visually arresting landscapes, and haunting soundtracks composed by world-renowned music groups.  It's the perfect recipe for any hit TV show or movie - except this is a movie YOU CAN INTERACT WITH.  And it lasts much, much longer.  By the time you reach a good video game's conclusion, you should either be crying or screaming or feeling some sense of gargantuan emotional release.  Seriously, video games are that good.


This should make you feel pretty old, eh?

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