The rules of ‘for girl’ and ‘for boy’ have changed sig­nif­i­cant­ly in the last few years. More and more par­ents are choos­ing to raise their chil­dren with­out gen­der lim­it­ing rules. Blue isn’t always for boys any­more, and pink isn’t just for girls.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly the world of greet­ing cards (specif­i­cal­ly the BIG clas­sic com­pa­nies) hasn’t quite caught up. Cards that are red and blue and have fire trucks come with a “boy birth­day” head­er, and the frozen cards with the glit­ter stick­ers say “Girl Birth­day”. How do you shop for the per­fect card when there seem to be gen­der rules placed on so many of them?

In the inter­est of help­ing you, our love­ly cus­tomers, broad­en your selec­tion, here are a few tips on how to shop for greet­ing cards the gen­der-free way.

Just a few cards that could could be for anyone.

Just a few cards that could could be for any­one.

1. Ignore the head­ers.
Hon­est­ly, we get rid of a lot of them any­way. But we do have sec­tions of cards, like our shoe­box birth­day, that have ‘for him’ and ‘for her’. Look, we leave those head­ers there so that peo­ple don’t get too lost. But there are some hilar­i­ous cards in there that you could give to peo­ple of both gen­ders. So next time you’re look­ing for a birth­day card for your super fab­u­lous GBFF, take a peek at the ‘for her’ cards. some of them are just labeled that way because they have glit­ter and sparkles on them. what­ev­er. don’t let those labels con­trol you!

2. Don’t be afraid to edit a card!
So there is one card in par­tic­u­lar that gets me every time. It’s a card for a dad that’s like “Thanks for help­ing to learn how to use a drill and build stuff” (but more poet­i­cal­ly) and it says in the card “from your son.” A) I know for sure that I am not the only girl here who would like to thank her par­ent for teach­ing me how to use tools. B) Per­son­al­ly I would like to thank my MOTHER for that, because she was the wood­work­er in the fam­i­ly. So here’s the deal. Some times there will be a card that says the per­fect thing in it, but like 2 of the words are wrong. (He instead of She; Son instead of Daugh­ter; Wife instead of Hus­band; and so on.) So CHANGE the words!!! Get a stick­er or may­be just a sharpie and make some edits. because the point of a card is to find one that say the per­fect thing for you and your loved one. And some­times card com­pa­nies don’t quite get it right.

Look at all these awesome things that don't say girl or boy!

Look at all the­se awe­some things that don’t say girl or boy!

3. Know your kids when you’re choos­ing cards!
Or if you don’t, don’t just assume that the lit­tle girl in your son’s class that is hav­ing a birth­day par­ty likes pink tiaras. We have a huge vari­ety of kids cards. Some of them say ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ in or on them, but some of them just have the cast of Cars or Frozen on them. And I know like a mil­lion lit­tle boys who just love Frozen. If you don’t know the child you’re buy­ing for well enough to know if they like par­tic­u­lar ani­mat­ed movies, don’t wor­ry! we have lots of cards that just have cute  bears on them or drag­ons. Boys AND girls like bears and drag­ons. srsly.

4. Check out new card lines!
You can find hall­mark cards any­where. But we have so many oth­er amaz­ing card lines, like Fran­tic Meer­cat, Seltzer, or Ripe! Some of the­se small card com­pa­nies have pro­gressed in the gen­der game far more quick­ly than the big com­pa­nies. You can find plen­ty of cards that are laugh your ass off hilar­i­ous, but aren’t gen­der defined at all. In fact, KU has a few of our own card lines that are just seri­ous fun. We have meme cards, nerd cards, and cards for every hol­i­day under the sun. Some times, the per­fect birth­day card is some­thing like our Duran Duran day card, or Dr. Seuss day card!

Yes. All of these are cards. even that cookie.

Yes. All of the­se are cards. even that cook­ie.

5. When in doubt, check out the blank cards.
We have some absolute­ly fan­tas­tic cards that are blank inside. They don’t try to be a him or her thing. They are just super cute or super spark­ly, and just all around good­ness. So when the cards with all the words aren’t doing any­thing for you, find a card with a pret­ty pic­ture and a short mes­sage and then fill up the inside with your own awe­some words.

Good luck, every­one! We can change the world one card at a time.

So, what do you think?