4 Feb

George Romero

We hope you have an insatiable craving for human flesh, because today we're celebrating film maker, and Pittsburgh native (adopted), George Romero's birthday!


Or an insatiable craving for huge eyewear. 

George Romero is most notably known for fathering into the world a ghoulish flesh eating monster, or as we know it, the modern day zombie (you're welcome nerds). In 1968, Romero made a little film just outside Pittsburgh called Night of the Living Dead. It was an enormous milestone for horror cinema in the 20th century, and lives still to this day as one of the most popular cult classic films.

173052-George Romero and Friends

George and his babies. 

George is also known for the successful Creepshow (1982), written by another of our favorites, Stephen King, an anthology of tongue-in-cheek tales modeled after 1950s horror comics. Together, with the talents of Pittsburgh make-up artist, Tom Savini, Romero created another cult horror hit.


The three gentlemen responsible for your nightmares. 

So really today, not only do we celebrate the birthday of a filmmaker who's inspired millions, but we celebrate the birth of modern film horror, because it came into the world right along with George.


Brain-gel food cake. 

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