It's almost Valentine's Day and flowers would be a great gift if your Valentine didn't prefer the smell of a new book over a fresh rose. This Valentine's Day, make an evening of the things your favorite book nerd loves most with a literary-themed night in. Here are some of the romantic, funny, and fun bookish gifts available at Kards Unlimited to help you plan the night!

1. Out of Print T-Shirts

Set the tone for the evening with literary shirts from Out of Print! Throw on matching Where the Wild Things Are tees before showing off your wild sides (ahem). The Alice in Wonderland design (pictured) will lead the way down the rabbit hole of love (ahem). Comfortable enough for sleepwear, trendy enough for daywear, your Valentine won't be able to get enough of their shirt.

2. Bookish Jewelry

Gift the one you love (or really really like) book-themed accessories to finish the look. Voz cuffs and pendants are perfect for a Valentine-on-a-budget. Designed for pop culture and literary buffs, designs range from the bold ("Books are sexy") to the romantic ("You have bewitched me body and soul").

Kathy Bransfield Necklaces are hand-stamped necklaces will sweep your sweet off her feet. Made of sterling silver with gold-plated brass overlays, romantic themes include Tennyson's iconic quote, "If I had a flower for every time I thought of you I could walk through my garden forever." Cue the swoon. Here are some others, including for your bestie; don't forget Galentine's Day is the Monday before Valentine's Day!

3. Get Cookin'

Once you're both dressed for the occasion, warm things up in the kitchen with dinner from a lit-inspired cookbook. From the playful 50 Shades of Chicken to cookbooks inspired by the Outlander and True Blood series, we've got plenty of cheeky, sexy, and delicious options to choose from. Make the meal solo or turn it into a team adventure; sometimes two cooks are more fun than one!

4. Harry Potter Games

Ron and Hermione. Harry and Ginny. Always. Anyone who says the Harry Potter series isn't romantic is a dirty filthy liar. While the 32nd shade of chicken is in the oven, have some lighthearted game time with Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, Hogwarts Battle, or Harry Potter Clue. I'm sure there are ways to make it sexy, if that's your kind of thing. Remember, Gryffindors, this is Valentine's Day, you don't have to win.

5. Temporary Tattoos

Now that you're all romantic over HP, you've probably realized you're soulmates. But before you go get matching Always tattoos on your first Valentine's together, try something a little less permanent. Go the sensible, romantic route with a set of Jane Austen tattoos, or the dark but just as fun Edgar Allen Poe set. "The Tell-Tale Heart" is kind of Valentines-y, right? I mean, it's got a heart.

6. Coloring Books

All right, the Ravenclaw won Trivial Pursuit in five minutes flat and temporary tattoos are now plastered over arms, legs, faces, and the dog, but there are still fifteen minutes before dinner is ready. What to do? Let your love relax and color pictures from their favorite books while you set the table. Whether coloring sizzling scenes from Outlander and Game of Thrones, or re-living childhood with The Little Prince, Little House on the Prairie, or Harry Potter, coloring books are all the rage right now for a reason.

7. Poetry

What's sweeter than dessert? Poetry. All right, don't skip dessert. That would be a bad choice on Valentine's, but certainly add to the sweetness with some poetry recitation. Not a poet? We have you covered. Love poems are always a great choice, but if you’re looking for something for year-round, we also offer themed books of poetry covering just about everything, including pets and animals, music and the blues, marriage, parenthood, solitude, and even a book of erotic poems. Take your pick, it's hard to go wrong.

8. North Ave Candles

Time to get cozy before the evening's main event: reading! (What's better?) Pull out the plushest blankets and add some ambiance with a North Ave Candle. Heat things up with a Fahrenheit 451 inspired candle, which smells of smoked pine and parchment, or play some jazz and light a gin, juniper, and daisy Great Gatsby candle. Offering more than a dozen book-inspired scents, North Ave Candles are made right in Pittsburgh!


9. Tea

Almost ready to cuddle and read, but don't forget the best friend of book nerds: tea! Tea Forte's heart-shaped gift sets will warm your Valentine's heart, but any of the samplers are strong choices. Chocolate tea will satiate the sweet tooth, while teas for the heart will show you care. The Tea Forte Noir flavors are especially fun for after dark. Don’t know where to start? Our staff happens to love tea, and we love to talk, so feel free to askfor recommendations.

10. Books

Now the best part of the evening, it’s time to read! We may be called Kards Unlimited, but we also have a pretty awesome selection of books. Better yet, we've compiled a special section with our favorite love and romance books to make shopping for your Valentine even easier. From Pride and Prejudice to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and tear-jerker Me Before You to Aziz Ansari’s comedic Modern Romance, there’s something for every taste and romance level.

Come on in to Kards Unlimited for more great ideas to make your Valentine's Day one for the history books. And don't forget your Valentine's Day card while you're here!

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