Remember in school when teachers wanted the class to do something, all they had to do was promise a pizza party. Those were the days. I'm of the assumption that if pizza parties were still promised for good work, more people would work harder. A "Good Job" only goes so far. Pizza is the ultimate incentive. Ya know, right after money.


History lesson time, k? There isn't really much to say about pizza history. It's kind of not a positive when or where it originated. Some food historians, which is a thing, say pressed bread with toppings can be traced back to early Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cultures. The word pizza has been documented as early as 976. The earliest documented recipes of pizzas were actually all sweet, not savory. So the modern pizza as we know it did actually originate in Naples, Italy. It was made basically by poor folk adding tomato to their flat-bread. This eventually gained popularity among tourists.

So there ya go. But who cares. During all that text I ate no pizza. Problem. So do yourself a favor and celebrate the 'Za right proper with a party. More importantly come to Kards Unlimited and bring us pizza. And now the coolest thing you've seen all day.


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