We all have a friend who's a slave to the old adage, "a place for everything and everything in its place."  It can be hard to find a good present for these people, because then they have to find a place for the new thing and it's a whole dramatic production and sometimes it's just easier to buy them a drink and call it a night.  But!  For you dedicated gift-givers out there, KU has some great ideas about what you should get your friend that they will totally love and geek out over.  Here follow these gifts:

File folders!


Organized people love folders, you guys. Papers definitely cause a lot of my clutter, so it makes sense...

Clips, sticky tabs, magnetic note pads and more!

clips and stuff

Speaking of keeping papers organized, those mustache paper clips are totally fly. Plus, those magnetic note pads with attached markers? Can you say memo?

Bookmarks, personal library kit, and Card Catalog note cards!


Bookmark pads for keeping a place, a library kit to make sure all your books are in order (and are returned in a timely manner!) and card catalog note cards! Adorable AND the box has dividers!

Menu file and recipe organizers!


Even in the most organized house, the kitchen can be a bit of a disaster. Keep menus and recipes in good order with these fabulous organizational aids! In a variety of styles and designs!

All the lists!


There's nothing more organizationally arousing than lists and dispensing slightly passive aggressive notes, you guys. Best gifts ever.

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