Everyone knows the awkwardness of shopping for someone you don't know that well.  What do they like?  What should I get?  What does my gift say about me as a human?  What does my gift say about them as a human?  These problems are magnified tenfold if this person that you don't even know that well is a kid.  So for all you hesitant gift-getters out there, we present our go-to list of classic and timeless gifts for even the most difficult giftee.

Classic Children's Books:


Sure, books are often a gamble, since it's hard to be sure someone will like a given story, but these are all books that everyone should read, no matter what.

And for the slightly older crowd:


Ditto for these. We have hundreds of books here and a staff only too happy to help you pick out the perfect one, but these classics need no sales pitch. Even the newer ones are timeless must-reads.

Classic Toys:


Whether sporty and outdoorsy, quiet and bookish, glued to movies or video games, or any combination at all, toys like these are childhood icons for all.

Card Games, Flashcards and More:


If books or toys aren't your thing, why not Good Manners Flashcards or Old Maid cards? A little help with education never hurt anybody!

Art supplies:


Every kid goes through a coloring and other fun art projects phase. Encourage creativity with these gifts!

 Puzzles and games galore:


Puzzles and games are almost always a perfect gift. Presenting a fun group activity is a skill that even grown adults often struggle to achieve, so games are always appreciated!

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