Here at KU, we are pretty well versed in drinks of the alcoholic persuasion.  Since you can't partake of our combined many (many) years of experience, here's a great list that bestows the wisdom of the gift-giving ages without also bestowing the hangovers (which, if combined, would most likely be literally fatal.)

Fine Glassware!


A fun cup makes any drink better and these are some epic pieces!

Great books about drinking!


For your nerdy drinkers, gourmet drinkers, and mixology enthusiasts!

Sets of pints and shots (for parties or just for you!)


Fun glassware for a crowd! Beer is always better from a superhero glass!

Books about making booze!


Everything's better homemade, and beverages are no exception!

The 2014-2015 Champagne Guide!


A niche market, perhaps, but a super great gift in that niche!

Wine Lines, Cocktail Rings, and other paraphernalia!


Keeping drinks straight at a party is extremely important. Plus, Coq au Vin is just a great name for a rubber chicken wine stopper. Get on that.

Books to solve the problem(s) that drinking creates!


And gifts for the next morning are always appreciated!

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