Hey Gang! Gingerbread House Day is December 12! Did you know there was an official Gingerbread House Day? I didn't, but now that I do,I think it feels totally right to have a day to celebrate gingerbread houses, because they are the BEST!  So Christmasy and the perfect way to flex your creative muscles and satisfy your sweet tooth AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

Gingerbread houses were popularized by the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale Hansel and Gretel , becoming a popular Christmas decoration in Germany in the early 1800's. The world's largest gingerbread house was made in Texas (of course it was) in 2013 and looks delicious!

Even if your gingerbread houses turn out more like this

than this

you can still have a great time making a beautiful (hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so on...) masterpiece and many wonderful memories!

Here are some more fantastic gingerbread houses for inspiration! Hmmmm...maybe a Necco Wafer roof this year, or marshmallow snowmen, or a sour patch Hansel and Gretel as a shout out to the gingerbread house's spooky beginnings... So many choices!

Have a happy and Fun Gingerbread House Day, y'all!!!

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