Hot on the heels of Earth Day we have another environmentally mindful holiday: April 25th is Arbor Day!  Personally, I have never celebrated Arbor Day (the only honest way of celebrating this holiday being to go out and plant some little baby twees), but that doesn't diminish my adoration for all things arboreal!  I'm using many exclamation marks because I am a Virgo and Virgos (as Earth signs) are rather enthusiastic about issues related to their planet.  GO EARTH!!!

baby twee

Can I be a baby twee toooooo?

Are you interested in the history of this holiday?  Well, fine then!  I can provide you with this link to the official Arbor Day website, where you will be greeted by an informative (and wonderfully illustrated!) guide to the holiday's establishment in 1874.  Basically, from what I understand, American pioneers started to miss the trees from back home after they moved out to places like Kansas and Nebraska (which, as we we all know, suck in their utter treeless-ness).  So finally one of these sad sacks said, "Hey! I'm tired of these dumb sun beating down on me all day - let's plant some trees, homies!" and so they did.

woody dies

Trees have feelings, okay?

One of my least favorite childhood stories is (and here I cringe into a tiny ball to avoid the onslaught of sharp objects) The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  I mean, sure, I like it.  But I'm also incredibly HORRIFIED by it.  Especially when you switch the Tree with your own parents, and you realize, OMG.  This.  Is.  Me.  I'm slowly taking everything away from the people who raised and cared for me.  But hey, that's just trees, right?  Totally selfless beings.  Trees rock (when they aren't denting the hood of your car with acorn bombs).

Da sequel.

Da sequel.

Do you have a favorite tree?  I DO.  It's the magnolia tree.  Do you like magnolia trees?  (Blurgh, I sound like Mr. Rogers right now.)  They are just so gosh-darn BEAUTIFUL, and now's the time to see them.  I also really enjoy lilacs but I suppose they're more of a bush?  But how do you really distinguish between a tree and a bush?  Let's just keep saying bush.  (*whispers "bush."*)

steel magnolias

Did somebody say "magnolias?!"

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